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Celltac α MEK-6450

Celltac alpha MEK 6450

Automatic analyzer with 20 parameters and WBC 4 part diff
20 parameters with WBC 4 part differential for 4 preset animal types (dog, cat, cow, and horse)
6 preset animal types (dog, cat, horse, cow, mouse, and rat) plus 3 user-defined presets
Panic values and automatic dilution ratio change

  • High accuracy and reproducibility
  • Automatic dilution of the blood samples and automatic cleaning of the sampling nozzles

Built-in circuits which automatically compensate for cell miscount due to coincidence and fluid temperature variation

  • Simple and fully automatic operation
  • Automatic priming when the power is turned on, and automatic cleaning when the power is off
  • Automatic self-check when the power is on, showing an alarm message on the screen, if any problem is detected

Automatic dilution ratio change

  • User-friendly operation
  • 10 or 20 µL blood measurement is available in capillary mode
  • Large color LCD screen with touchscreen keys clearly displays the results and allows easy and intuitive operation
  • High data storage capacity up to 400 samples and 50 histograms
  • Reagent monitoring system
  • Cyanide-free reagent for better safety and environmental care
  • Optional built-in thermal printer saves the space of an external printer
  • Variety of quality control programs: X-R, L&J, XB, and XD·CV

Compact body: 38(H) × 23(W) × 45(D) cm

Par SIA "Diamedica"

SIA Diamedica ir viens no trim Diamedica grupas uzņēmumiem. Pārējie šīs grupas uzņēmumi ir OÜ Diamedica Igaunijā un Diamedica UAB Lietuvā. SIA Diamedica piedāvā analizatorus, reaģentus un tehniskos pakalpojumus medicīniskām, zinātniskām un ar ražošanu saistītām laboratorijām, kā arī vizuālas diagnostikas aprīkojumu un mikroskopu sistēmas.


ISO 9001:2009

Kopš 26.11.2012. SIA Diamedica pārvaldības sistēma ir sertificēta atbilstoši starptautiskajam standartam ISO 9001:2009.

ISO 9001 serifikats LVmin


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