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Our immunohistochemistry products provide high staining quality, improved standardization and increased efficiency enabling the ultimate goal of increased patient safety. The broad portfolio of Dako products is continuously enhanced with new generations of carefully selected and clinically relevant reagents and instruments. Our immunohistochemistry products help pathology laboratories achieve high staining quality, improved standardization and increased efficiency, enabling the ultimate goal of increased patient safety. Standard staining protocols for our FLEX RTU antibodies combined with integrated instrument and software platforms enable consistent and reliable results. Our immunohistochemistry portfolio is a complete solution with a high focus on quality and service that helps simplify work processes, removes variation and minimizes possible staining imperfections.

Ancillaries for IHC

Blocking Reagents, Buffers, Diluents
Chromogenic Substrates
Dako Pen, Slides & Pascal Quality Strips
Mounting Media
Proteolytic Enzymes

Antibodies & Controls

Antibody Cocktails
Control Reagents
Multipurpose Antibodies
Primary Antibodies
Secondary Antibodies

Visualization Systems

EnVision DuoFLEX Systems
EnVision FLEX Optional Reagents
EnVision FLEX Systems
EnVision SystemsOther Visualization Systems

Our company

DIAMEDICA Latvia belongs to the DIAMEDICA OU Group, which was founded in 1991 and is owned by Baltic originated private capital. DIAMEDICA Group operates in all three Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) and has its representative offices in Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius.

DIAMEDICA Latvia actively operates since the end of 1993. DIAMEDICA operates in the field of clinical laboratory equipment, which includes distribution of analyzers, reagents and microscopes as well as hardware maintenance services. During last year’s company has expanded its operations also to hospital equipment and environmental laboratories.

ISO 9001:2015

Since 26.11.2012. Ltd. Diamedica management system is certified according to international standard ISO 9001.

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