Manual technique: a complete range for your immunohematology

Manual technique a complete range for your immunohematology

Reach high performance with quality reagents You perform your tests with products that meet regulatory requirements. Our entire range complies with the standards required by the CE marking (Directive 98/79/EC). The DIAGAST ranges are also registered in many countries outside Europe. Each production batch is controlled in comparison with a reference batch to ensure consistent quality and released only after approval by G-Med, our Notified Body. Reach high performance with reagents adapted to your needs Discover a range of unique and efficient reagents thanks to a formulation of our clones to your particular needs, among others:

  • Anti-D TOTEM, association of 4 DIAGAST clones designed to give you a high quality of results, in manual technique, using only one blood sample
  • Anti-AB , association of 2 DIAGAST clones designed to detect all weak A groups including Ax.

Improve your profitability with top class reagents at unbeatable prices You get the best quality and value for money as DIAGAST manages the whole process, from clone production to the final product. You control your budget through packaging conceived to meet your requirements and pre calibrated dropper caps avoiding wastage.

ABD PAD®: 3 steps manual blood grouping in 30 seconds

Abd pad 3 steps manual blood grouping in 30 seconds

Protocole enABD PAD® by DIAGAST is an innovative IVDMD (In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device) for manual ABO/RhD blood group confirmation of donors and recipients. It needs only 3 steps to perform a blood group test within 30 seconds in a safe and standardized way. It is a ready-to-use pad based on the latest technology M-TRAP® patented by DIAGAST, a breakthrough in manual blood grouping. PAD® products use the M-TRAP® technology which is based on the immobilization of antibodies covalently bounded to a porous membrane. Only the red blood cells having the corresponding antigen are fixed into the membrane revealing immediately the reaction.

Fast response with safety card!

safety test

DIAGAST offers the ultimate pre-transfusion control at the patient's bedside: the Safety Card. An essential step prior to any blood transfusion, it increases transfusional safety by preventing blood groups incompatibility.

In addition to the Safety Card (the ultimate control chart with pre-dried reagents), motivated by our constant concern for hygiene and safety, DIAGAST also provides the following in its Safety Test ABO kit:

  • 1 lancet  to draw blood from the patient's finger
  • 1 physiological solution vial  to rehydrate the card reagents
  • 1 securitube to pierce the tubing on the donor blood bag
  • 4 small spatulas for correctly transferring blood from one cell to another and a correct mixing on the Safety Card AB

A new bedside card called abtest card®


ABTest Card® uses the Haem Trap® technology which received the Innovation Trophy at the International Biology Days (JIB 2012). This technology is based on antibodies binding (anti-A and anti-B) covalently on stacked membranes. Only reactive erythrocytes will be retained and will enable the immediate interpretation of the results.

The kit includes:

  • 1 ABTest Card®,
  • 1 vial of washing solution,
  • 1 safety lancet,
  • 1 blood segment device (securitube).

Protocol for use:

  • Simple and fast: only 3 steps - hydration / blood dispensing / washing
  • Secure: the blood collection areas are bounded in the form of little wells; no cross contamination is possible
  • Fast: immediate reliable results
  • Standardized: colorimetric reading, standardized interpretation of results

Marketing and performance:
Each ABTest Card® batch undergoes strict internal quality control to ensure consistent and optimum quality. A performance study showed 100% specificity and sensitivity compared to outcoming results of the common phenotypes A, B, AB and O.

HaemTrap en

Nacryl and biopaline ranges: hygienic and secure disposable plates


DIAGAST makes your health and safety concerns its priority. That is the reason why we created a few years ago the NACRYL range, a complete range of single-use plates for blood grouping and phenotyping.
These disposable plates offers the maximum readability of a white background.
NACRYL range is available in 6 configurations (5x5, 5x6, 5x7, 5x9, 5x10 and 5x12 wells), BIOPALINE in a 2x5 wells configuration.
We are sure they will meet your requirements: more convenient, more hygienic and more secure.

Qwalys® 3: an officially proven record


The QWALYS® 3 is a new generation of fully-automated and high-throughput systems for immunohematology; grouping, phenotyping, donor antibody screening, antibody screening, identification and cross-matching can all be easily performed. The QWALYS® 3 is the only system using E.M.® Technology, an innovative nanotechnology based on the magnetization of red blood cells.

Thanks to its specialization in IH, DIAGAST was able to contribute all its expertise to developing a brand new automat called the QWALYS® 3. With a very high throughput and the largest load capacity ever designed, the QWALYS® 3 sets the standard for blood banks, blood transfusion centres and hospitals performing between 10,000 and 100,000 tests per year.

With the QWALYS® 3, we enter a new era where we can refer to absolute performance. Going beyond more technical performance, the QWALYS® 3 meets every challenge faced by biology professionals (for instance, budgetary optimization and quality requirements).

E.M.® Technology and qr: a revolutionnary breakthrough in immunohaematology


In the past 20 years innovation has not been seen in the field of immunohaematology. During the last few years DIAGAST has reinvented the way to do the immunohaematology analyses by developing a pioneering technology in this field called: the E.M.® Technology (Erythrocytes Magnetized Technology).


The principle of this innovative technology is based on the use of magnetic particles. During the analyzing process these particles are fixed on the surface of red blood cells by adsorption or by binding on the GPA glycoprotein. When they are exposed to a magnetic field in the microplate, these cells migrate to the bottom of each well.

By using E.M.® Technology, the centrifugation step is completely eliminated during the analytical process.

E.M.® Technology provides you:

  • Quality: Clear-cut reactions to get an unequivocal interpretation of results
  • Comfort: More space in your laboratory, a silent automated system
  • A real autonomy: more space in the automated system which allows a higher loading capacity for reagents andsamples
  • Time saving: less maintenance
  • Polyvalence: easy to use

Whatever the tests you perform, the discrimination between negative and positive reactions is unequivocal.


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ISO 9001:2009

Kopš 26.11.2012. SIA Diamedica pārvaldības sistēma ir sertificēta atbilstoši starptautiskajam standartam ISO 9001:2009.

ISO 9001 serifikats LVmin


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